11th Standing International Conference on the
History of Adult Education
in Bamberg, Germany, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, 2006

On Becoming an Adult Educator
- historical, contemporary, institutionalised, individual aspects.

This conference invited all colleagues, experts, researchers and practitioners to exchange their research and knowledge about "Becoming an Adult Educator". This conference-theme includes a wide range of different questions and descriptions:

  • How did important (historic) personalities / individuals "became adult educators"?
  • Volunteers, "Moonlighters", moral leaders, knowledge-experts, (semi-)professionals - historic examples and developments.
  • In which different ways in different times/countries/cultures one became an "Adult Educator"?
  • Are there / had there been different types / categories of adult educators?
  • What are the knowledge / the competencies / the attitudes expected from adult educators in different historic and contemporary movements / institutions / traditions?
  • What are individual growth- and learning processes adult educators go through?
  • What training schemes are available?
  • Certification of adult educators?
  • Is an adult educator a teacher? - Professional roles of adult educators.

Download of the papers: clickhere

These conferences brought together again international researchers, scholars, and professionals and

  • gave the chance to meet international collegues, perhaps old and certainly new friends,
  • offered the exchange between experts, and
  • let experience the 1000-year old Bamberg, UNESCOs world heritage, with its romantic streets, beer-gardens with the unique smoked beer, cathedral and the cityhall in the middle of the river.


  • Prof. Mark Bray, Hong Kong, President of World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), Director of UNESCO's International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), Paris.
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Bélanger, Montreal, President International Council for Adult Education. Former Director UNESCO Institute for Education Hamburg.
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Charters, Syracuse University, New York, USA.
  • Prof. Dr. Dusan Savicevic, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Prof. Alan Knox PhD, Madison WI, USA, Past President of American Association for Adult and Continuing Education AAACE