Papers presented at the 11th Standing International Conference
on the History of Adult Education
in Bamberg, Germany, Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, 2006

On Becoming an Adult Educator
- historical, contemporary, institutionalised, individual aspects.

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Single contributions:
Reischmann, Jost: Introduction - and Summary
Avoseh, Mejai B.M.: Without Genealogy: A Search for the Unwritten History of Adult Education in Traditional Africa
Bélanger, Paul: On Becoming an Adult Educator. What happened since CONFINTEA V ?
Bezenšek, Jana: Jurij Jug's Role In Development Of Slovene Adult Education. Podnapis: the andragogical "ambassador" of Slovenia on the European scene
Boucouvalas, Marcie: On Becoming an Adult Educator. The Meaning of and Possibilities for Historical Research in Adult Education
Busto Gilligan, Shauna: Adult education in twentieth century Ireland – towards recognition of the full story. An Examination of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart (temperance movement)
Egetenmeyer, Regina: European Master in Adult Education. A Curriculum for Transnational European Education of Adult Educators
Faber, Werner: My Way to Andragogy - Autobiographical Reflections
Gross, Maritta: Why do people decide to study andragogy and what happens during their studies? A qualitative research study
Henning Loeb, Ingrid: Development and Change in Municipal Adult Education Life History Studies and Narrative Analysis of Teacher Trajectories
Henschke, John A.: Malcolm S. Knowles: Four Major Historical Social Movements that Influenced Him and He Influenced as He Became An Adult Educator
Heuer, Klaus: Sind es dann doch die Verhältnisse? Wie Fritz Laack Erwachsenenpädagogik lernte und sie möglicherweise auch wieder verlernte Die Tagebücher von 1925-27 als neue Zugänge zur Berufsgeschichte der Erwachsenenbildung
Hinzen, Heribert / Przybylska, Ewa: Studies of the past and cooperation for the future in the training of adult educators at universities. Preparation, implementation and results of the TEACH project
Isac, Ionut: How to become an 'adult educator' in the interwar Romania: the examples of Nicolae Iorga and Dimitrie Gusti
Karm, Mari: Adult educators' career trajectories, learning patterns and educational philosophy-connections, contradictions
Kloubert, Tetyana: Hryhoriy Skovoroda as a wandering teacher and searcher for happiness
Morris, Roger K.: The Formal Education of Adult Education Practitioners in Australia: The Case of UTS and Its Precursors
Németh, Balázs: Why did István Türr become an adult educator? Personal aims and actions in the establisment national development of Folk Education Circles (Népoktatási Körök)
Nuissl, Ekkehard: Profession and Professional Work in Adult Education in Europe
Popovic, Katarina: International Projects and Comparative Adult Education. The Example of EBiS
Savicevic, Dusan: Convergence or Divergence of Ideas on Andragogy in Different Countries
Schiebel, Martina / Miete, Ingrid: Adult educators, political models and moral leaders: Instructors of "Workers' and Peasants' Colleges"(ABF). Biographical, institutional, and professional processes in the 1950s of GDR
Theiss, Wies³aw / Bron, Michal Jr: Freedom fighter – Instructor – Professional On becoming an adult educator in Poland
Tøsse, Sigvart: The ideal of self-education in popular adult education A historical and comparative perspective
Traynor, Garry John: The Modern - Postmodern Divide. Differing Motivations of Adult Learners?
Zmeyov, Serguey I.: Andragogy and adult educators' training in Russia: Actual state and trends
Participants of the Conference